The Fastest Way To Get To The Top

The fastest way to the top of the page in online search is through paid online advertising, aka paid ads. Pay-per-click ads, social media advertising, banner/display ads, and retargeted ads are all part of the family of Online Paid Advertising.  Paid ads, when architected, executed, and managed correctly, can be an incredible vehicle for lead generation and revenue for your business.



A tailored approach

At Traction, we understand that each client is unique and deserves a tailored campaign strategy to help achieve optimal results. With our PPC strategy, you can expect the following with your customized campaign:  

  • Creativity in both strategy and advertising copy
  • Data driven decisions
  • Ads optimized for conversion
  • Identification of winning ads and key terms from the losers
  • A continual baselining of competitors 
  • More qualified leads from channels like Google, Bing, Facebook & etc.
  • Transparency in reporting