Unleash the Power of Customer Feedback

The reputation of your business mostly resides online, where online shoppers are looking at star ratings & reviews before they even consider your business. The cost of a poor online reputation can come in the form of lost leads, lost sales, and loss of market share. If not addressed, low-star ratings and poor reviews have the power to put you out of business and may even impact your company’s ability to attract top talent and financial investors. We’re here to help you bounce back. Traction will develop a custom plan for you that fortifies your search results against your detractors and ensures your online reputation is in accordance with your goals.   

Did you know?

  • 95% of consumers now research brands online prior to making a purchase decision.
  • A good online reputation, star rating & etc., at a minimum, places your business in “the hunt” when in-market consumers are conducting research and/or learning about you.
  • A bad online reputation is immediately visible through online search and will likely disqualify your business before it can be given thoughtful consideration.  


Reviews + Ratings

Simply put, you must have a well-constructed and systematic reputation management protocol in place that helps to reinforce and build your brand while also protecting it.

Crisis Management

You are just one unhappy customer or unfortunate circumstance from a potential online reputation crisis.  We’ll be here to help when that happens, leading with expertise in messaging, media, and strategies for mitigating potential damage to your business’ reputation and economic viability.

Reputation Protection

Reputation protection is all about getting ahead of a damaging online reputation event by adapting strategies and utilizing techniques that Traction will customize to your business’ needs.